Benefits of serviced apartments

• More space therefore more comfort

• More private and relaxing environment

• Entertain friends and colleagues at home

• Fully fitted kitchen, so cook for yourself

• Often cheaper than a hotel, particularly for long stays

• Comfortable for families, with large apartments available

Why use serviced apartments?

Are you visiting Lagos, Nigeria for a short trip or an extended stay and are looking for a comfortable vacation rental or temporary accommodation? Then in one of our Serviced Apartments you will have a living room to relax or entertain, space to work and if your mood takes you, you can prepare a meal. With so much extra space you will have space to relax and really enjoy your stay. Use one of our Apartments in your next business trip, relocation or family vacation.

WHY USE AN AGENT? What’s included?

All serviced apartments include all utility costs, i.e. electricity, heating and water charges (excluding guests telephone usage), cleaning charges, Digital Satellite Television and other indoor entertainment. Our concierge services are just a call away with moderate charges. You do not need to pay any departure charges and most importantly, we do not charge you administration charge.

All apartments also include cutlery, crockery, linen and towels.

• You will obtain independent apartment recommendations

• You will save on your accommodation costs

• You will enjoy more space than at a hotel

• You will have space to relax, entertain and work

• You can hold meetings within your apartment

• You will have your own lounge and kitchen

• You can prepare what you want to eat and whenever suits you

• You will have your own washing machine and dryer – so clean laundry won’t be a problem

• You still have access to business and secretarial services

• You still have a maid service, reception desk and porters

• You can make your reservation easily online or via phone in our contact us page How Do I book an Apartment?

• Once you have chosen from our selection of apartments, click the “Book this apartment!” to go to the booking form.

• After you complete and send your reservation request (by secure online booking), we check the availability and immediately reserve your apartment.

• A confirmation is sent to you by email within 24 hours – that’s it !

• If your 1st or 2nd choice apartments are not available we will let you know with details of a suggested apartment.